Training and Consulting Services 

Understanding. Solutions.

Whether you are interesting in one of our standard classes or if you are looking to personalize the material with pictures, data, and/or examples specific to your business, Percipiant can deliver the Process Excellence training solution you need.

If you have pre-existing training material that you’d like to see modified or if you just want a skilled facilitator to present your material, Percipiant would be happy to accommodate.

Percipiant can also lead “hands on” workshops so that your people can immediately see the impact of the tools and methods they have been trained on.  And with over 15 years experience coaching and mentoring Lean Six Sigma Greenbelts, Blackbelts and Master Blackbelts, Steve Clemetson can help your people work through their projects and achieve certification.


Intro to Lean

This one-day class introduces employees to a number of Lean and Root Cause Problem Solving methodologies, with a focus on a few of the tools best suited for “quick hits”.  All concepts are presented with real-world, “everyday life” examples to make the material more accessible.  There are interactive exercises to reinforce the concepts of Standardized Work, 5S, and flow vs batch.

This class can be structured with examples specific to your workplace, whether it be manufacturing or an office/transactional environment (where 60-80% of the cost of bringing a product or service to market is incurred).

Class length: 1 day

Price: $2500 – $3500

Lean Innovation for New Products or Services

This workshop allows teams to learn the principles that Lean start-ups and entrepreneurs leverage to create successful new products or service offerings where there is a high degree of technological or market uncertainty.  Approximately 1/3rd of this session is training, and the other 2/3rds has the project teams actively working their projects – creating the value proposition, defining the customer and their problem, identifying the assumptions for success, prioritizing risk, planning assumption tests, and developing response plans.

This workshop will require that any projects be evaluated for “fit” prior to the class.

Class length: 3 days.  There will also be pre- and post-class consulting and coaching required.

Price: $12,000 – $15,000

Daily Lean Innovation

This very interactive class shows participants how to use Lean thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset to tackle daily problems, inefficiencies and bureaucracies in the workplace.  The morning session introduces the concepts in a pretend exercise.  In the afternoon, teams will solve an actual business problem of their own so that they can experience an immediate return on their investment.

While “Intro to Lean” focuses on Lean tools, “Daily Lean Innovation” is more about mindset and creating a culture of problem solvers.

Prior to this class, participants will receive instructions on how to identify a Daily Lean Innovation opportunity.

Class length: 1 day

Price: $2500 – $3500

Six Sigma

This class is designed for projects where historical data exists on a process that is producing defects – typically in quality or cycle time.  There is a strong focus on analytical problem solving and statistical analysis.  Students will need to provide their own laptops and a current copy of MiniTab or QI Macros for Excel.

If you have your own Six Sigma Greenbelt or Blackbelt material and are looking for a trainer to lead the session, I can step in with very little prep time.

Class length: variable based on material

Price: $2500/day

DISC / Influencing Skills

This very interactive session helps students recognize their communication style based on the DISC communication model.  Students also learn how to recognize others’ styles and how to “flex” their own style to better communicate and influence.

This session is great for newly developed teams, teams with new managers, or teams that are struggling with interpersonal challenges — either within their team or with other teams.

Class length: 4 hours

Price: $1200 – $1500

Change Management

This workshop develops the skills to create, speed up, and manage organizational change leveraging the CAP model (Leading Change, Creating a Shared Need, Shaping a Vision, Mobilizing Commitment, Making Change Last, Monitoring Progress, Systems and Structures).  Students will get hands on experience with the many Change Management tools as they address one or more of their current business change management challenges.

Class length: 2-3 days, depending on number of teams

Price:  Variable depending on number of days and pre-/post-class consulting

Recommended size for most classes is 10-25 students.  Prices do not include travel or expenses.


Pick a Lean tool and Percipiant can set up a workshop.  Typically a day or two in length, these sessions start with 1-4 hours of training followed by one or more teams of employees actually using that tool.  Tools that offer immediate benefit include Leader Standard Work, 5S and Visual Management.  Let Percipiant know the skill you’d like your people to learn and put into immediate practice, and we will custom create a workshop for you.

Price:  $2500-$3000/day


You have sent your employee(s) to Six Sigma Greenbelt or Blackbelt training, and now they could use a mentor.  Steve Clemetson has coached, mentored and certified hundreds of Greenbelts, Blackbelts and Lean Leaders over the last 15 years.  Help accelerate your people’s development with personal coaching from a seasoned Lean Six Sigma veteran.

Price: $300/hour for up to three trainees.  A “retainer” or volume option can also be negotiated.


Whether you need a facilitator for a Value Stream Mapping session or Lean Kaizen event, Steve Clemetson has extensive experience planning and leading these activities.  If you need a seasoned facilitator to help you address dysfunction or conflict on your team, Percipiant can work with you to design and execute an effective team strategy and team building workshop.

Price: $300/hour for planning and session facilitation.


Are you looking to develop your own internal Continuous Improvement department?  Trying to determine how to prioritize your Process Excellence projects?  Could you use someone to help interview potential Six Sigma Blackbelts or Lean Leaders?  Percipiant can help with any or all of your Lean deployment needs.

Price: $300/hour.  A “retainer” or volume option can also be negotiated.