Lean, for Life

When I started my training and consulting business, Percipiant, I chose to name it based on the Latin word, “Percipio”, which means “To learn, to understand, to take on”.  I felt that this perfectly encapsulated my approach to Continuous Improvement.  I love understanding how things work and how to make them work better – so much so that I made Percipiant’s tagline “Understanding.  Solutions.”

When I teach and coach, I use a lot of “real life”, non-work Lean examples to show students that Lean is not just a manufacturing concept, but a common-sense approach to almost anything you are trying to be more effective at.  Over the years, I’ve had numerous students encourage me to write a book or create a website on how people can apply this sort of common-sense Lean to get the most out of their day to day life.

A few months ago, I began try-storming different tools, techniques, and “hacks” to improve my physical health, mental well-being, and personal productivity.  Some were “traditional” Lean; others were a bit more “out of the box”.  As I found the ones that had the most impact, I began to make them part of my personal standard work, with the first phase of my “experiment” starting on January 20th.

The Results…

8 weeks later, and I had lost over 35 lbs.  My LDL is down by 20 points and my triglycerides are down by 28 points.  My blood pressure, which has averaged 145/95 for the better part of the past 20 years (even while on medication) is down to 118/78.  When I had my annual physical last week, my doctor actually said, “Wow!  I need to do whatever you’re doing!”

Following my standard work, every day is enormously productive – I fall asleep easily each night, knowing that I accomplished the most important things I needed or wanted to do that day, and knowing that I have a plan in place for tomorrow.  I awaken each morning usually around 5am without an alarm, feeling alert and ready to get the most out of my day.

LeanBodyMind is Coming…

Over the coming weeks and months, I will continue to test and refine methods to improve my physical and mental performance as well as my personal and professional productivity.  I will be assembling and sharing this content in articles, videos and software templates as part of a new venture, LeanBodyMind, that will fall under the Percipiant umbrella.

I will likely be looking for volunteers to test my tools/hacks/methods after I test them on myself, so If you’re interested in joining me on this journey – or just curious about how this all plays out, follow Percipiant LLC on LinkedIn (please don’t message me for info – it will all be readily available if you follow Percipiant LLC).

And of course, I’ll continue to be available for Continuous Improvement training, consulting and speaking engagements…

Understanding.  Solutions.  For Life.