Percipiant Creates Lean Innovators and Problem Solvers

Unleash Your People and Marvel at the Results

Humans are problem solvers.  It’s in our DNA to make things better – to find a faster route to work, to grill a better burger, to build a better mousetrap.

Humans are innovators We are the only animal that can imagine something that doesn’t exist, describe it, then go on to create it.

Humans need to be empowered.  Unfortunately, humans often turn off this part of our brains while we are at work.  Maybe it’s because we have been told, “that’s not how we do things around here”, or “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.  

Humans are your greatest resource.  With Percipiant’s training and coaching offerings, you can tap into and reawaken the problem solvers and innovators inside your employees. 

Over the last 15 years, Steve Clemetson has helped thousands of employees create better and more responsive customer experiences, dramatically decrease the time and effort it takes to do their daily tasks and save (or make) loads of money for their company.






Let Percipiant help you inspire an army of innovative problem solvers at your business.


Learn How



Percipiant can customize training specifically for your people, based on your business type and the needs of your employees.  From building better products and processes to building better teams, Percipiant has you covered.



If you want to take it beyond the classroom and get some dirt under you fingernails (sometimes literally), Percipiant’s “Learn then do” workshops allow you to immediately put various Lean tools to use at your workplace.



Whether it’s coaching a Greenbelt or Blackbelt on their project or certification, or helping you build the change management and communications skills of your team, Percipiant can be an asset as a coach/mentor.



If your business would like to develop its own “in house” Continuous Improvement group, Percipiant can help with that too — from growing internal talent, to interviewing outside hires, to developing a Lean strategic road map.

Some of the Organizations I’ve Helped…



Steve Clemetson is simply the best communicator I’ve ever worked with.  There are many professionals with the highest level of technical skills, with Steve among them.  However, Steve’s ability to verbally communicate with a wide spectrum of people, in both a group situation and one-on-one, in such a way that they can take ideas away and use them to immediate good effect is truly a gift that I both envy and applaud.

 Ann Kintopf

Steve’s ability to bring in real world examples helped clarify the concepts for the learners. He is an excellent story teller and captivates his audience from beginning to end. Steve’s passion for helping others learn and organizations improve is evident in everything he does.

Steve is a remarkable Six Sigma trainer and I look forward to every time he comes out to Boston to teach. I have witnessed him win over classrooms of tough students through a combination of relevant examples, humor, and unwavering enthusiasm for Quality. As a project mentor, he not only has a thorough knowledge of the statistical tools, he also knows how to keep the focus on the true customer of the project. Steve has a great style of informal leadership that draws people to him and makes them want to follow.

Why I Started Percipiant

Since childhood, I’ve had a passion for problem solving.  I’ve always loved “hacking” processes and systems to make them better.  From the time I disassembled my first calculator at age 12 to “see how it works inside”, I’ve never lost the desire to break down complex systems and improve upon them.

I’m so grateful that I found a career that would allow me to do that and get paid for it.

Unfortunately, during my career in Corporate America, I’ve seen the reputation of Continuous Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma tainted by reckless deployment, overzealous outside consultants, and really bad instructors.

At the risk of sounding full of myself, I believed I could to it better — so I formed Percipiant.

Percipiant is based on the Latin word “percipio”, which means “to learn, to understand, to take on”.  I believe this reflects a common sense approach to Continuous Improvement: learn the tools, understand the customer/problem, then take it on.

If this sounds like it makes sense to you, I’m ready to help you on your Process Excellence journey.


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