Don’t Take My Word For It  

Here’s What My Clients, Students and Mentees Have to Say About My Lean Training & Coaching…


“Steve’s versatility and adaptability with the material allows him an exceptional ability to connect with his audiences — be it one-on-one, or groups, small or large. 

His knowledge and experience enables him to drive home the core concepts of Six Sigma, Lean, FastWorks, and Change Acceleration, with real-life tangible and accessible examples.

I understood more about Six Sigma analytics after two hours of coaching from Steve than I did from my two week Corporate-led Black Belt class.”

 Greg Reinfeldt


“Steve is the consummate teacher because he is always striving to learn as an educator, modifying his approach, the content and the delivery each and every time he teaches a class. It doesn’t matter if it is the first time he has taught the specific content or the 20th, he approaches each class as an opportunity to improve.

Steve was keenly observant while teaching, recognizing when the class or individuals in a class were not getting everything they could from the current topic and could shift gears on the fly to try a different approach until everyone was good.”

Bob Fichtner

“Steve has been one of the most influential individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with during my career. His passion for Lean and Six Sigma is contagious. I have witnessed him turn skeptic classes into Lean believers in a few short hours.

His unique balance of attention to detail, sense of humor and easy going personality makes him an ideal mentor, coach and lean/six sigma champion. He takes tremendous pride in his work and it is obvious to anyone that has had the opportunity to work with Steve.

 David Nelson 

“Steve is a remarkable Lean and Six Sigma instructor. His ability to engage with employees at all levels makes him an asset to any organization.”

Will Mangrum

“Steve Clemetson recently provided training at two events that I attended. He provided information on the DISC Model and managing your influencing situation. On both occasions Steve provided invaluable information to continue understanding how to communicate with people of different communication styles. I would definitely recommend Steve and his company for your training needs.”

Christopher Sztukowski

“Steve did a tremendous job of presenting and clearly communicating his material! I loved the way he customized the material to our group. His sense of humor is just a bonus!”

George Gesior

” Without reservation, I highly recommend Steve.  He is an amazing trainer and teacher.  I had the pleasure of attending several of his classes such as Lean Six Sigma, CAP, DMAIC, etc….

His classes are fun, upbeat, motivating and inspiring.  He inspired me and became a mentor, which helped me to land roles in process improvement and project management.

I truly owe much of my success to Steve.  I’ve learned so many skills and tools that I applied to projects where I was able to save millions in cost, along with being recognized by top level leadership.

He is a great leader, empowering, and will equip you with the necessary skills to elevate your career.”

Lauriel McFarland

“Steve is a gifted trainer that I would recommend highly as he is both entertaining and a subject matter expert in areas of CAP, DMAIC, LEAN, Six Sigma and FastWorks. He is a clear thinker and customizes his approach per the client’s need.”

Sarah Beasley

“Steve was and I hope can continue to be my go to person for analytical statistical testing. He understands Lean and Six Sigma processes more than most people I have ever worked with.”

Rosemary Reilly Crawford

“Steve is a remarkable Six Sigma trainer and I look forward to every time he comes out to Boston to teach. I have witnessed him win over classrooms of tough students through a combination of relevant examples, humor, and unwavering enthusiasm for Quality.

As a project mentor, he not only has a thorough knowledge of the statistical tools, he also knows how to keep the focus on the true customer of the project. Steve has a great style of informal leadership that draws people to him and makes them want to follow.”

Anna Buehler

“I have been in 2 training sessions with Steve in the last week. He is engaging and knowledgeable. His thoughts on DISC assessment and communication are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Steve as a trainer for any organization.”

 Greg Stellflue 

“Steve is a charismatic leader with a keen ability to instill knowledge through insightful examples and hands on application of concepts. His ability to read the audience, use humor to keep everyone engaged, and ask open ended questions to invoke consideration of alternatives are very effective. I’ve had the pleasure of attending a training course he led, having him as a coach on two different projects, and hired him to train another team within our organization.”

Tara Angiulli

“Steve is an outstanding facilitator. It was my privilege to work along-side him as we co-presented GE’s FastWorks Everyday program. He has an incredible ability to draw in the audience and help them problem solve the challenges they faced in implementing any type of process improvement effort or change in their organization. 

I always felt I learned as much as the audience did every time we presented together. Steve’s ability to bring in real world examples helped clarify the concepts for the learners. He is an excellent story teller and captivates his audience from beginning to end. Steve’s passion for helping others learn and organizations improve is evident in everything he does.”

Ann Kintopf 

“Steve Clemetson is simply the best communicator I’ve ever worked with.  There are many professionals with the highest level of technical skills, with Steve among them.  However, Steve’s ability to verbally communicate with a wide spectrum of people, in both a group situation and one-on-one, in such a way that they can take ideas away and use them to immediate good effect is truly a gift that I both envy and applaud.”

Jon Berry

“Steve’s presentation on Influencing Skills at our PONG meeting was truly inspiring, entertaining and had a tremendous impact on all of our fellow PONG members. We learned so much about sensory distractions and the huge affect body language has on communications effectiveness. I would highly recommend Steve as a keynote speaker for any event focused on leadership and communication.”

 Jay Olson 

“Steve has strong vision and passion for Six Sigma. His insights for Lean along with his presentation skills make him a valuable asset to any team.”

Kyle Bedalov